How to Fix authorization error solve comes number one in the list of the best servers and that permits all the Kodi users to pair up with it by employing the IP address. There are many Kodi users who are interesting in watching videos via authorization error which means they are unable to stream their favorite videos. So if vshare eu pair is not working you need to follow up on these steps.

Official site:

Method I: Kodi Streaming Authorization Solution


  • When you are going to use this step. You will have to use a VPN for a better experience and for avoiding copyrighted issues. For getting free VPN one needs to use HOXX VPN and for paying IP to vanish.
  • Now open up your Kodi software
  • Now watch any video via the ‘Addon’.
  • Then you will get ‘Different servers’
  • one has to select ‘Vshare’
  • Then one would get a pop- up that is ‘To play this video stream authorization needed’.
  • One must visit ‘’
  • Then you will have to solve some ‘captchas’
  • Then the IP address would pop up for your own device.
  • Now you may click on the Pair for connecting with the ‘Vshare eu pair IP address’
  • Then click on the ‘active streaming’.
  • Then finally, one would even get a pop up ‘your device paired successfully’

Method II: Fix http// error on Kodi by using URL resolver

This one is in the third method. And one may resolve entire your URL issues which are running the background of the Kodi and its addons.

  • One may open up ‘Kodi software’
  • Now pick up the ‘settings’
  • Then hit on the system settings and it should be changed to the ‘expert mode’
  • Now click on the addon and then one may have to select ‘manage dependencies’.
  • Then one will even find out ‘URL resolver’ option and do a hit on it.
  • Then configure
  • Now one needs to get ‘list of the resolver
  • Now pick up ‘vshare eu pair’ from them
  • Then click on to the disabled

This often happens with almost everyone that Vshare EU pair doe s not work properly. And there is a reason behind it when it happens. There are few things which one needs to keep in the mind. So when you truly follow up them you will not get any trouble. This is the link please make your presence there http://vshare EU pair. But if someone uses a free VPN then one might become one of the issue.

Everyone must use the paid VPN versus free. Because free one is jammed and it does not give your guarantee for anything! But when you single out paid one this one allows you to have less rush over the site. Plus the number of benefits is there if one uses this one. The site will work faster than free ones and you can use it the way you want.

NOTE – But some of the things which should be in the mind that sometimes this happens that it changes the URL of the pairing websites.



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